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When the Man Lan­ders sto­ry­line first be­gan, Amy and Nathan’s tale met with mixed re­views. “But I found it mostly pos­i­tive, which is nice,” shares his por­trayer, Ryan Paevey. “From the be­gin­ning, this story has been a blast to play! It was great to be in­volved in some­thing that wasn’t only light, but was also pri­mar­ily pos­i­tively re­ceived.” Pri­mar­ily be­ing the op­er­a­tive word, here — be­cause there was some back- lash. “There’s al­ways go­ing to be peo­ple who are ready to pounce,” the ac­tor sighs. “I’ve never seen any­thing like that, ex­cept in the soap world. There are fans who just lose it over sto­ries or pair­ings, all the time.” In this case, Paevey was amazed by how quickly fans on Twit­ter turned against Amy and por­trayer Risa Dorken! “For some­one who’d just come to the show, she weath­ered it re­ally well,” he mar­vels. “Peo­ple were say­ing some pretty mean stuff in the be­gin­ning. And my feed was light­ing up with ev­ery­body freak­ing out that Nathan was go­ing to cheat on Maxie. I was like, ‘You guys, slow your roll. Just watch for a while and see where it goes!’”

Paevey was im­pressed by his co-star.

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