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Was it hap­pen­stance that DAYS OF OUR LIVES’ Chloe en­coun­tered the long-ab­sent Theresa in Mex­ico? Or has fate stepped in to keep Brady from mar­ry­ing his baby­mama’s sis­ter?

The In Depth Story: Chloe the dream that he has doesn’t waste time when, about Theresa amidst this while be­ing held to­gether cri­sis prompt him to take in El Fideo’s cap­tiv­ity, she ac­tion? What he does (or gives Theresa the rundown doesn’t do!) could de­pend on the cur­rent state on whether his grand­fa­ther, of Brady’s love life. How­ever, Vic­tor, de­cides to re­veal con­sid­er­ing that the se­cret he’s been Theresa had se­cretly been keep­ing about a trou­bled forced to abandon Brady Theresa! and their son by her danger­ous Mean­while, in Mex­ico, ex, her re­ac­tion to Theresa and Chloe will the news that he’s fallen have to work to­gether if for any­one — let alone her they hope to es­cape from sis­ter, Eve! — is likely to Ma­teo and make their be a painful sur­prise. way home to Salem.

Un­be­knownst to both When some­one they both ladies, there’s some­thing know shows up, will the else afoot back home: ar­rival pro­vide help… or Brady has col­lapsed! Will make things worse?

“What’s go­ing on back home? The Pub has new ba­con in the BLT, JJ al­most killed him­self… and your sis­ter is mar­ry­ing Brady!”

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