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Lisa LoCicero shares her thoughts on Olivia’s mem­o­rable mo­ments!

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Late last year THE YOUNG & THE REST­LESS’ Melissa Ord­way (Abby) had her days all planned out lead­ing up to when she was sup­posed to give birth to her daugh­ter, So­phie. “But she came early!” laughs the ac­tress. “I thought I would have so much time be­cause my ma­ter­nity leave was sup­posed to start at Y&R’s Christ­mas break. But I guess So­phie didn’t want to miss Christ­mas! In my mind, I thought I was go­ing to have all this time with [el­der daugh­ter] Olivia, but So­phie sur­prised us!”

So much so that Ord­way ad­mits that it took some time to re­al­ize that she’d gone into la­bor. “When I went to bed that night, I was like, ‘Hmm. My stom­ach feels weird. I think it’s prob­a­bly those Brax­ton Hicks,’” she re­calls with a smile. “But when I woke up, I was in so much pain! Be­cause it was so early, I was not ex­pect­ing to give birth at all. I thought that maybe I slept wrong. But when I sat up, my water broke, and I was like, ‘I guess it’s time to go to the hos­pi­tal!’ It hap­pened so fast!”

A Dif­fer­ent Plan

At the hos­pi­tal, Ord­way learned an­other plan had gone awry — in­stead of the tra­di­tional de­liv­ery, she was rushed into surgery for a C-sec­tion be­cause the baby was breach. “Ev­ery­thing turned out great — So­phie was to­tally healthy and awe­some,” sighs the de­lighted mom.

“The first time I saw her lit­tle face, I said, ‘She can’t pos­si­bly be mine — she is so beau­ti­ful!’ I was shocked. I’m like, ‘Are you sure she’s mine?’ She looks ex­actly like my hus­band, so it’s all his do­ing!”

Hav­ing a C-sec­tion meant a longer re­cov­ery time, which was a bit stress­ful for Ord­way, be­cause she had to jug­gle tak­ing care of her new­born with her very ac­tive tod­dler. “I couldn’t pick up Olivia like I nor­mally would or play with her,” shares the beauty. “She had a hard time un­der­stand- ing why I al­ways held her on the couch or ly­ing down. But once we got into our groove, we fig­ured it out!”

Home, Sweet Home

Al­though she and her hus­band, Justin Gas­ton (ex-Ben, DAYS OF OUR LIVES), did ev­ery­thing they could to pre­pare Olivia for the baby’s ar­rival, Ord­way ad­mits that it still took her some ad­just­ing to the new

fam­ily dy­namic. “At first, Olivia didn’t want any­thing to do with the baby. She was like, ‘Oh, she’s cute… when is she leav­ing?’” she laughs. “But she is the best big sis­ter! She al­ways gives her kisses and calls her ‘my baby.’ When So­phie is sleep­ing, Olivia will run around the house go­ing, ‘Where’s my baby?’ Af­ter we came home from the hos­pi­tal, we made an ef­fort to in­clude Olivia, to make sure she wasn’t pushed to the side. In fact, I feel like she got more at­ten­tion with all the fam­ily around than she nor­mally did, so she’s ad­justed well.”

In­deed, the en­tire house­hold has set­tled into their new dy­namic quite nicely. “I’m so blessed. A cou­ple of my friends talked about go­ing to San Diego with our kids for Mother’s Day, but I just want to hang around with my fam­ily,” smiles Ord­way. “I sound like such a home­body, but they are so much fun to be around. I don’t need any­thing more than that!”

“It was so much fun com­ing back to the [Abby/Vic­to­ria] rivalry sto­ry­line,” says the Y&R lead­ing lady. “I love

work­ing with Amelia [Heinle, Vic­to­ria]!”

Ord­way grew up watch­ing Eileen David­son (Ash­ley). So “it turns into a pinch-me mo­ment when I get to act with Eileen,” she con­fesses.

“And it’s like, ‘Wow, she’s my mom!’”

“At first Olivia was like, ‘I don’t know about this thing — it cries a lot!’” Ord­way says of her tod­dler’s re­ac­tion to So­phie. “But now she loves her and is al­ways giv­ing her kisses!”

Ord­way loves her al­ter ego’s in­ter­est in Ar­turo, be­cause it means pos­si­bly work­ing more with Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki)! “We al­ways have such a good time to­gether!”

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