Will Sam Re­turn To Jason?

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GEN­ERAL HOS­PI­TAL’s Sam may have walked away from her mar­riage to Drew, but that doesn’t mean she’s run­ning back into Jason’s arms… yet!

The In Depth Story: As Sam gets deeper into her investigation of Aurora COO Peter, the sexy P.I. is back on a case and in her el­e­ment — which has many view­ers be­liev­ing she’s primed to re­unite with Jason. Un­for­tu­nately, she doesn’t seem to be fo­cused on ro­mance th­ese days! Though her chem­istry with Jason is pal­pa­ble, she’s kept him at arm’s length — and we have to say, his pa­tience is ad­mirable.

“This is his wife,” Steve Bur­ton (Jason) says by way of ex­pla­na­tion, re­mind­ing us that those lost five years seemed like mere months for his al­ter ego. “As frus­trat­ing as it is, he doesn’t want to put pres­sure on some­body he loves. That’s not what love is. You want to let the per­son thrive, and you want to sup­port the per­son you love — whether that works

for you or against you.”

Jason —whom fate seems de­ter­mined to push back to­ward Sam, as it did by con­spir­ing to team them up to in­ves­ti­gate Peter — ap­pears will­ing to wait for her forever. And part of the rea­son might be that he be­lieves she’ll even­tu­ally come back to him. Af­ter all, Jason cer­tainly doesn’t seem to be in­ter­ested in find­ing any­one new. But what hap­pens if this whole new ver­sion of Sam de­cides her fu­ture doesn’t lie with ei­ther twin?

“Is Anna sin­gle?” Bur­ton cracks be­fore re­mind­ing us that any­thing’s pos­si­ble. “Ev­ery­body can love some­one else at some point, right? It’s just a tim­ing thing. And we’re on a soap opera, so let’s be real!

“But even if Sam said she was done with Jason, who knows how long it would take for him to get over her?” he con­tin­ues. “Right now, there are no de­fin­i­tive an­swers. Things are just too un­set­tled.”

Who knew that — when it comes to the depth of love he feels for Sam — Jason Mor­gan has the pa­tience of a saint?

Af­ter her split with Drew, Sam is de­ter­mined to stand on her own for a while… but we doubt that de­ci­sion will last very long!

Anna did fall in… let’s say, lust… with the last guy she part­nered up with for a WSB investigation. Right, Finn?

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