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Q.Ellen Glass­man Los An­ge­les, CA A.

Oh, you’re not con­fused — but you are miss­ing part of the story! Heather is in­deed Franco’s bi­o­log­i­cal mom, but she was in full-on crazy mode when she got preg­nant by Scott decades ago. Al­ways the game player, Heather hid her preg­nancy and sold her baby to Betsy, who raised him as Robert James Frank. Though be­fore con­fess­ing the truth to Franco in

2013, Heather had him con­vinced he was Su­san Moore’s son — and Jason’s hereto­fore un­known twin brother! Heck, even the DNA tests were fooled, since Su­san and Heather were cousins. Of course, like all good lies, there was a sprin­kling of truth within it, as Heather did hand Jason’s twin over to Betsy. It’s just that the MIA twin ended up be­ing Drew and not Franco!

Q.Lani’s preg­nancy on DAYS OF OUR LIVES got me think­ing: Who was her mother, and why didn’t Abe know about her?

Iris via E-mail

A.Lani’s mother was Ta­mara Price, Mar­lena’s song­bird friend who per­formed at her 1986 wed­ding to John, only to find a con­nec­tion of her own with Abe. Ta­mara had left town in 1987 with­out telling him of her preg­nancy, so it was not un­til Lani came to Salem from Mi­ami in 2015 look­ing for her fa­ther (via a new job with the lo­cal po­lice force) that Abe learned the truth. Ta­mara was played by Grammy win­ner Mar­i­lyn McCoo, who was best known as the former lead vo­cal­ist of The 5th Di­men­sion and now serves as the vice chair­per­son of the board of di­rec­tors for the Los An­ge­les Mis­sion.

Q.I keep hear­ing GH fans say that they’re sure Mor­gan is alive. But come on, how can that be? Didn’t he blow up in Ju­lian’s car?

Kel­win Adams Wash­ing­ton D.C.

A.Well… tech­ni­cally, he was blown up stand­ing next to Ju­lian’s car, and while there was DNA ev­i­dence found, the body was never re­cov­ered. Still, GH’s pow­ers-that-be have in­sisted he’s def­i­nitely dead… for now. “On a soap, you can’t ever say, ‘Nope, they’re not com­ing back,’” Nathan Varni, ABC’s se­nior man­ager of cur­rent series, ad­mit­ted last year. “You would just be a liar, be­cause you never know what’s go­ing to hap­pen a year or six months from now — or 20 years from now! I never like to say never, but as of to­day, that char­ac­ter re­mains dead.”

Poor, sleepy Franco. If only he’d lis­tened to his mom and not stayed up all night watch­ing scary movies.

Ah, the ‘80s...

Stone Cold said farewell at Mor­gan’s cold stone.

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