Star­ing Down Her Demons

As Ava had her scars re­moved, she re­al­ized that the emo­tional ones might never heal

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Be­fore GEN­ERAL HOS­PI­TAL’s Ava went into surgery, Ju­lian shared that he had fi­nally found peace by tak­ing re­spon­si­bil­ity for his ac­tions. “Pass,” Ava ba­si­cally said. In­stead, she went to Sonny and fu­tilely begged to see their daugh­ter. Af­ter Ava loudly pro­claimed that she wasn’t to blame for Mor­gan’s death, Carly warned that Avery would one day know who her mother re­ally was. “I am no worse,” Ava spat, “than ei­ther of you” — which would be­come her re­frain once she was put un­der at GH!

Later, as Ava lay on the op­er­at­ing ta­ble, the sound of Grif­fin scrub­bing in seemed am­pli­fied. “When you wake up,” he promised, “you’ll be a new woman.”

A Beau­ti­ful Dis­as­ter

When Ava came to, she saw Grif­fin, Kiki and a beau­ti­ful young woman who’d brought her pain meds. Then she was home, wear­ing all white as Grif­fin kissed her and helped her re­move the ban­dages. “It worked,” she sighed be­fore don­ning a flow­ery shirt and go­ing to cel­e­brate her flaw­less face at the Metro Court. But at the bar, Laura sneered at her for selling her soul, and Carly vowed that she’d never let any­one for­get how ugly she was.

With that, Ava’s scar was back. And as that mys­te­ri­ous beauty from GH was now evad­ing her, she re­ceived a text: “I know who you are.”

Mor­gan Rises From The Grave

Now wear­ing black, Ava couldn’t seem to es­cape re­minders of her past. First, she went home and poured her­self a drink… only to have Mor­gan show up! Touch­ing his face, Ava whim­pered, “I didn’t lose you.” But he was a mess. He feared some­one was try­ing to kill him and re­called spi­ral­ing be­fore the car ex­plo­sion. No mat­ter how Ava cried for and com­forted him, her pri­or­ity re­mained re­veal­ing that he was alive — so she could ab­solve her­self!

At one point, it seemed Ava might fi­nally apol­o­gize for her part in his death… but in­ter­rupted by an­other text, she trailed off.

A Por­trait Of De­fi­ance

At her gallery, Ava was ex­cited about the de­but of her por­trait, but her hap­pi­ness barely lasted a toast. Af­ter the mys­tery woman slipped away again, Ava re­vealed to Mor­gan’s par­ents that he was alive… only to have a bloody Con­nie ap­pear! The dead woman called Ava out for mur­der­ing her. And still, Ava in­sisted, point­ing at Ju­lian, Nina, Sonny — even Kiki! — that she was “no worse than any­body in this room.”

Af­ter Sonny coun­tered that he didn’t lie about who he was the way Ava did, Con­nie de­clared, “It’s time to face the truth.” The room turned dark, and as a spot­light hit Ava’s vic­tims, they each vil­i­fied her. With her sins play­ing like movies on the wall, even Grif­fin mar­veled, “Maybe some souls can’t be saved.” Throw­ing her hands up in de­fense, Ava screamed for it to stop. The lights came up, and there was the woman she’d been chas­ing — a grown-up Avery! Ava held her daugh­ter while in­sist­ing that she re­fused to be de­fined by her past when no one else was. “What scares you… is that I’ll see who you re­ally are,” said Avery, pulling back the cur­tain on her mom’s scarred por­trait. As Ava screamed, her burns re­turned.

Shoulda Made It A Dou­ble!

When Ava came to again, she shared the same morn­ing with Grif­fin, but this time, there was sad­ness in her eyes. “The only thing that mat­ters,” she told her­self, “is that I have been given a new lease on life.” When she ran into Sonny at the Metro Court, she sim­ply told him they both had to live their lives. Then, she was handed a mar­tini… by her daugh­ter! “I know who you are,” said the “wait­ress.” Yikes!

Af­ter surgery, guilt and re­morse played across Ava’s per­fect new face.

Ava was held to dif­fer­ent stan­dards than all of Port Charles’ other bad­dies.

Ava’s night­mare gave her a sneak peek at Avery as a grownup.

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