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Once upon a time, GEN­ERAL HOS­PI­TAL’s Jason was a peppy preppy ea­ger to fol­low in Alan and Mon­ica’s foot­steps by be­com­ing a doc­tor. But a car ac­ci­dent changed his mind — lit­er­ally. In the wreck’s af­ter­math, in­stead of grad­u­at­ing from med school, Jason swapped the sur­name Quar­ter­maine for Mor­gan and joined the Mafia as the stoic hit man who could make (ahem) bad mob­sters shake in their ce­ment shoes. Along the way, good lord, what ad­ven­tures he’s had! In the pages that fol­low, we re­call 26 of them, from A to Z. Adopted: Though Jason is the prod­uct of Alan’s af­fair with the late Su­san Moore, Mon­ica came to love their il­le­git­i­mate son so dearly that she adopted him. Brenda: Jason mar­ried his former Port Charles High class­mate so that they couldn’t be com­pelled to tes­tify against one an­other af­ter they were ar­rested for Luis Al­cazar’s mur­der.

Carly: Jason’s long-ago hookup has be­come his BFF.

Duke: The Scot­tish mob­ster “mur­dered” Jason in 2012 — or so it ap­peared. The cul­prit was ac­tu­ally Fai­son in a mask that dis­guised not only his face but his voice and height.

Emily: Jason was so ticked when Sonny be­gan an af­fair with his adopted sis­ter that he stole the “busi­ness” out from un­der his boss.

Franco: The fa­mous artist whose fa­vorite pas­time, prior to hav­ing a pesky brain tu­mor re­moved, was tor­ment­ing Jason.

Gun: In Jason’s lethal line of work, he never con­sid­ers him­self fully dressed with­out one.

Helena: Be­fore set­tling on Jason’s brother, Drew, the Cas­sa­dine ma­tri­arch had hoped to make Sonny’s mus­cle her per­sonal as­sas­sin. Ian: Af­ter Jason shot the doc­tor/hit man — now there’s a dual pro­fes­sion you don’t hear about ev­ery day! — he croaked be­fore re­veal­ing that he’d been hired by Clau­dia to do away with Sonny.

Jackal, P.I.: The al­ter­nate per­son­al­ity of Jason’s lov­able side­kick, Spinelli, is an old-fash­ioned gumshoe.

Warm up to GEN­ERAL HOS­PI­TAL’s Stone Cold with an al­pha­bet­i­cal run­down of the Mob en­forcer’s life story

Karen: Jason lost his high-school sweet­heart — Scotty’s late daugh­ter — to Jag­ger. Liz: Jason’s former flame gave him his first­born, son Jake (who, just like his daddy, once came back from the dead). Mor­gan: Af­ter the car wreck that trans­formed Jason from a good boy to a hit man, he ex­changed his fa­ther’s last name for pa­ter­nal grand­mother Lila’s maiden name.

Noo­dle Bud­dha: This Chi­nese restau­rant was the set­ting of Jason and Sam’s 2011 wed­ding.

Os­car: Speak­ing of Jason’s twin brother, when the Mob thug’s fam­ily tree grew, it ex­tended to in­clude a nephew, Drew’s son. Pa­tient 6: While be­lieved dead, Jason was locked up and drugged in a med­i­cal fa­cil­ity, and re­ferred to only by num­ber.

Quar­ter­maine: Had Jason not for­saken his clan to join Sonny’s “fam­ily busi­ness,” he’d prob­a­bly be ne­go­ti­at­ing cor­po­rate merg­ers to­day in­stead of con­stantly dodg­ing bul­lets.

Robin: Jason’s old flame tried to — but couldn’t for very long — help him keep up the cha­rade that he was Michael’s fa­ther, not half brother A.J. Sam: Jason’s former wife — and for a while, awk­wardly, his sis­ter-in­law! — is the love of his life… un­less you ask a Li­a­son fan. Tin Man, The: So shaken was Robin when this bad­die shot Jason dur­ing one of his typ­i­cal Mafia work­days that she im­plored Sonny to can her beau to get him out of the line of fire.

Un­cle: Jason has — or had — two: the late Bradley Ward Sr. and Jimmy Lee Holt (who hasn’t set foot in Port Charles for more then 30 years!).

Vote: Whether he wants to be a Quar­ter­maine, Jason still gets to have his say at ELQ — he owns 11.5 per­cent (and con­trols 18 per­cent) of the vot­ing stock. Winifred: This un­der­cover FBI agent de­stroyed ev­i­dence to pre­vent Jason from hav­ing to be­come a snitch. X-ray: Be­tween the brain surg­eries Jason’s un­der­gone and the gun­shot wounds he’s got­ten, it’s safe to say that he’s been X-rayed so of­ten that by now he oughta glow!

Year Of The Dragon: That’s 2012 for those of you with­out a take­out menu in front of you — and also the year Jason and Sam wel­comed to the world their son, Danny.

Zacharra: This crime fam­ily was noth­ing but trou­ble for Jason and his crime fam­ily. If Clau­dia wasn’t putting Sonny in the crosshairs, Johnny was slid­ing Carly be­tween the sheets. Disas­ter­ville!

Jason does own other shirts. We think. Prob­a­bly.

“I now pro­nounce you hit man and wife.”

“C’mere, ya sweet bas­tard!”

“Guys, we’ve been over this. It’s not Jackal and Hyde. It’s never been Jackal and Hyde.”

Franco got a great idea when Jason called him a “dis­as­ter artist.”

Aw, back when Jason smiled some­times…

“Jason, come on. Who told you that ‘Just add water’ was part of the baby­mak­ing recipe?”

“Weird. I’d never had a mis­for­tune cookie be­fore, ei­ther.”

“When do I get to meet my dop­pel­ganger, Dad?”

Robin fell for Stone Cold af­ter los­ing Stone,

no cold.

The look JaSam give when it’s sug­gested they wear a cheery gray.

“That’s not how you check for a pulse, Clau­dia.”

“I spied… ”

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