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Kirsten Storms shone as Maxie let go of her rage

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When GEN­ERAL HOS­PI­TAL’s Maxie found some­thing to smile over — only to have it tied to Hen­rik! — Kirsten Storms dove into her char­ac­ter’s quiet fury, and with a hand just about al­ways touch­ing that baby bump, let Chet talk her char­ac­ter down to win this week’s Gold Star.

Heart Bro­ken, Mind Made Up

The LEAF foun­da­tion cre­ated in Nathan’s honor had Maxie prac­ti­cally glow­ing… un­til Peter re­vealed that Hen­rik was the bene­fac­tor! Af­ter rag­ing to her new friend, the widow took the mat­ter to her late hus­band. Nathan’s un­timely pass­ing has brought a lot of height­ened emo­tions to the screen, but this time, Storms didn’t go big. Though both pain and anger were plain to see in her per­for­mance, they were tem­pered by Maxie’s prox­im­ity to her beloved hus­band’s grave. Nathan had al­ways had a way of ground­ing her, and just be­ing by his rest­ing place seemed to calm her. But it didn’t change her mind.

Hav­ing just wished Nathan were by her side, Maxie looked star­tled and maybe even a bit hope­ful when the bushes rus-

tled. In­stead of Nathan, of course, Chet ap- peared to of­fer her a re­al­ity check. Hand on her belly, Maxie was touched to learn that Nathan had in­spired him to get sober. But when Chet turned the con­ver­sa­tion back to her and her baby, the widow fal­tered when she ac­ci­den­tally said “we” in­stead of “I.” The tiny hic­cup was im­bued with tremen­dous pain. And when Maxie tried to tap into her grat­i­tude for the funds Chet and Amy do­nated, she only slipped back into grum­bling over Hen­rik in a tone that let Chat know her de­ci­sion was made.

Grat­i­tude Ad­just­ment

Af­ter re­sist­ing Chet’s ar­gu­ments to keep an open mind about the money and Hen­rik, Maxie fi­nally con­fessed she was afraid to let go of her anger. And as he cau­tioned that it was keep­ing her from truly mourn­ing Nathan, she fi­nally heard him. Af­ter mar­veling over how much they’d each faced since high school, she ad­mit­ted she wouldn’t change any­thing — be­cause the gifts out­weighed the pain. Em­pathiz­ing with Chet’s ex­pe­ri­ence, she agreed it was eas­ier to be grate­ful than lost in sad­ness. She even agreed that the do­na­tion’s ori­gin shouldn’t be her con­cern and, with a smile, choked up over Nathan’s good­ness.

A Mo­ment Of Con­nec­tion

Maxie re­turned to Peter and an­nounced that she’d ac­cept the fund. But when he pushed her about her feel­ings for Hen­rik, she barked and asked why. Well, we all knew why! But Peter only cau­tioned her against her rage. Then the baby did a “full body roll,” and Storms com­pletely sold the mo­ment. We be­lieved there was a baby in there. And as Peter felt that baby kick — just as his brother had be­fore dy­ing! — their bond seemed to deepen. We weren’t sure ex­actly what the mean­ing­ful look they ex­changed sig­ni­fied… but af­ter watch­ing Storms take her char­ac­ter on this quiet jour­ney, we couldn’t wait to see how she and Maxie would han­dle the truth.

See­ing Storms’ work was be­liev­ing Maxie’s pain.

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