that’s what friends are for

ABC Soaps In Depth - - Feature Interview -

While Anna’s se­cret past was ex­plod­ing, Hughes and her fam­ily were forced to evac­u­ate their home, as a re­sult of the fires that blazed across

South­ern Cal­i­for­nia this win­ter. “I’m fi­nally set­tled back in now,” she shares.

“It’s been a crazy four months.” Of course, the real-world drama didn’t stop her from tack­ling heavy, heady story — and de­liv­er­ing! “You know how I do it?” Hughes says. “By hav­ing friends like Vi­nessa An­toine (Jor­dan) and Michelle Stafford (Nina), who keep me sane. I can come in and belly­ache to Vi­nessa and she’ll lis­ten, and then I can do the same to Michelle, be­cause they won’t know I talked to both of them. They get the same story, and I feel bet­ter… and they don’t!”

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