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ad­di­tion to count­ing calo­ries Wil­liam deVry (Ju­lian) daily, the ac­tor works out turned 50 this year, and about four days a week… but the day­time vet is still a only for 35 min­utes. “Here’s to­tal hunk. His se­cret to the thing: Guys my age have stay­ing in shape? “Eighty to worry about testos­terone,” per­cent of the work is eat­ing,” deVry ex­plains. “You have essen­tially says the ac­tor, who 25 min­utes of it while sticks to a star­tling 1,800 calo­ries a day. you’re work­ing out, so my work­outs are “I’m a lit­tle con­cerned in­tense. There’s no rest. I do a cir­cuit of about carbs, but not mid-range weight train­ing and cross that con­cerned. I just train­ing, ropes, bars, ket­tle­bells, skip­ping, know my body well burpees, hand­stand push-ups and enough to know a lot of push-ups and pull-ups. Some­times when I’ve been eat­ing I do it in my garage, some­times at too many and the gym and some­times at the stu­dio. need to cut them out It’s a ques­tion of try­ing to be dili­gent. for a few weeks.” In The older you get, the harder it comes!”

The hunk shares the se­cret be­hind his abs!

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