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With Mau­rice Be­nard and Max Gail play­ing off their in­cred­i­ble chem­istry, Sonny and Mike touched our hearts with a lovely fa­ther/son af­ter­noon that ended up de­liv­er­ing big an­swers —

and a big new ques­tion! — about the body in Cro­ton.

The long-awaited re­veal was a doozy, but it started with a sim­ple mo­ment. With no nurse avail­able, Sonny had Mike un­der­foot for the day, and the scene at Poz­zulo’s was sim­ply adorable. Alzheimer’s has caused some tense mo­ments be­tween fa­ther and son, but this was Mike at his best — which al­lowed Sonny to re­lax a bit. He was even able to chuckle when his fa­ther be­came con­fused and warned him about en­forcer Ja­son and the kind of guy he would work for… but he still wasn’t get­ting the an­swers he needed about Cro­ton.

Hav­ing learned a bit about man­ag­ing his fa­ther’s dis­ease, how­ever, Sonny took him out for a drive and it worked — when they re­turned, Mike was feel­ing present. So Sonny re­peated some­thing he’d said ear­lier about the trunk be­ing “big enough for a body.” With that, the guys took a slow, me­an­der­ing trip down mem­ory lane, with Mike con­fess­ing his guilt over hav­ing aban­doned his son and con­firm­ing he’d se­cretly watched over Sonny. At first, Sonny tried to change the sub­ject — be­cause it was a tough one! But he also helped steer his fa­ther back on course when he got lost in the story, and con­sid­er­ing how frus­trated we’ve seen Sonny get with his fa­ther’s con­di­tion, it was touch­ing.

And his pa­tience paid off. While GH en­ticed us with a touch­ing mo­ment, it ended with Mike fi­nally con­firm­ing that he’d moved the body Sonny buried in Cro­ton. Now, the ques­tion was… to where?!?

The an­swer Sonny got only left him with an even big­ger ques­tion!

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