Gold Star: Hay­ley Erin (Kiki)

Hay­ley Erin tapped into Kiki’s strength

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GEN­ERAL HOS­PI­TAL’s Kiki was through play­ing the vic­tim and deter­mined to han­dle her ha­rasser the right way! Even as Ava, Bensch and Grif­fin pushed her but­tons, Hay­ley Erin never let Kiki lose fo­cus on what was at stake — and the ac­tress’ com­mit­ment earned her this week’s Gold Star.

Mama Drama

With her story about to hit the newspapers, Kiki claimed she was ready for what­ever was com­ing — which was good, be­cause a lot was com­ing! First, she couldn’t shake Ava. Forced to re­count Bensch’s ha­rass­ment, Kiki grit­ted her teeth and laid it out quickly and im­pa­tiently. Nat­u­rally, Ava kept push­ing and mak­ing it all about her own feel­ings… un­til Kiki fi­nally broke and ac­cused her mother of us­ing sex as “a strat­egy and a weapon.” Her mat­ter-of-fact tone made the hit land hard, and Kiki’s anger was only be­gin­ning to build. With on­line trolls at­tack­ing her, Kiki trashed Ava for be­ing the type of woman who un­der­mines the le­git­i­macy of ha­rass­ment claims like hers. “I can’t with you,” she sniffed — and while her mother’s in­sis­tence that Grif­fin had changed her stopped Kiki in

her tracks, her guilt over hav­ing slept with him wasn’t enough to move her to agree.

Later, caught alone by Bensch, a wideeyed Kiki backed her­self against the lock­ers and gulped. As he pre­tended to em­pathize, how­ever, his au­dac­ity seemed to turn her to steel. Ey­ing him with dis­gust, Kiki re­fused his “friendly” over­tures, and when he slammed his hand into the lock­ers to stop her, she didn’t flinch. She sim­ply de­manded he get out of her way. In­stead, the doc­tor leaned in and sug­gested it would be mu­tu­ally ben­e­fi­cial if she didn’t im­pli­cate him. Kiki didn’t in­ter­rupt, but as soon as he shut up, she leaned in her­self and said, “Let’s cut the crap.”

Stand­ing Strong

Erin didn’t set her char­ac­ter loose on Bensch un­til he ref­er­enced Kiki’s “mixed sig­nals” again. En­raged yet still con­trolled, Kiki listed his abuses and promised to be the one who’d put an end to him. “Lucky win­ner, I guess,” she shrugged, her voice ice as she in­formed him she was tak­ing le­gal ac­tion. Kiki was way past back­ing down. In fact, she was in­vad­ing his space now. So Bensch started lev­el­ing threats and they seemed to be hit­ting their mark… un­til Grif­fin walked in and at­tacked!

Hear Her Roar

Once Kiki pulled Grif­fin off, Bensch taunted them, but her eyes an­swered him with a chal­lenge. Left alone with Grif­fin, she took a mo­ment to steel her­self again. Con­fess­ing that she’d dis­tanced her­self from him “for my mom’s sake,” the seething fury that had boiled just be­neath the sur­face with Ava and Bensch was re­placed by a sense of sad­ness and re­gret. Em­pow­ered by the women who were sup­port­ing her, Kiki claimed she didn’t need or want Grif­fin’s help… but her eyes made it clear that wasn’t en­tirely true. With Grif­fin dumb­founded, we found our­selves cheer­ing Kiki’s con­vic­tion — and Erin’s per­for­mance!

Don’t let the smile fool you: Erin’s Kiki is no pushover!

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