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We re­live ev­ery mo­ment of Nelle and Michael’s non-wed­ding!

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With both Michael and Nelle play­ing games, their GEN­ERAL HOS­PI­TAL wed­ding day wasn’t ex­actly mag­i­cal. In spite of Carly’s grand en­trance, how­ever, Nelle got that ring on her fin­ger… only to have Ja­son qui­etly de­feat the vil­lain by us­ing one of her own weapons against her.

The Best-Laid Plans

Star­ing at her­self in the mir­ror, the bride-to-be crowed hap­pily to her baby bump. “We did it, baby,” she smiled. “We’re in.”

But Michael’s prenup gave her pause — and gave Ava am­mu­ni­tion! Af­ter cau­tion­ing that “a Quar­ter­maine and his money are not soon parted,” Ava warned Nelle that Carly’s fam­ily wouldn’t stop un­til they’d cleared her name. The “friends” smiled ador­ingly at each other as they traded barbs and threats… un­til Nelle con­cluded that they’d stand to­gether, “shoul­der to shoul­der against Sonny and Carly.”

Over at the Quar­ter­maine man­sion, Michael let Olivia help him get ready and then took a call from Carly, who’d had a night­mare in which Nelle mur­dered him. With her son re­fus­ing to change his plans, Carly threw a fit at Fern­cliff, in­sist­ing she had to stop the wed­ding!

A Wed­ding… Or A Fu­neral?

As guests came to­gether at the Metro Court, Bob­bie re­flected the gen­eral mood by show­ing up dressed for a fu­neral. “Hon­estly,” Lulu huffed, “who gets mar­ried on Fri­day the 13th?”

Brad seemed the only one ready to cel­e­brate this sa­cred union and even chal­lenged the rest of the guests to show Michael a bit of sup­port. “We’re here,” Sam shrugged, re­fer­ring to her­self, Bob­bie, Mike, Ned, Olivia, Lulu, Drew, Lu­cas, Ava, Grif­fin and wed­ding pho­tog­ra­pher Os­car. That was as good as it was go­ing to get!

Best man Ja­son again begged Michael not to go through with his plan, as did Sonny, but the groom in­sisted it was his re­spon­si­bil­ity to save his mom and pro­tect his child from Nelle. In the midst of it all, he ac­tu­ally got a chuckle out of his grand­mother’s bleak at­tire… but she didn’t see the hu­mor in any of this!

Of course, Joss­lyn was still on Team Nelle. Though Joss seemed dis­tracted in the bridal suite, she sweetly lent Nelle a hair­pin that had been passed down from Bob­bie to Carly to her. The naive maid of honor wanted Nelle’s some­thing bor­rowed, some­thing old, some­thing blue to be some­thing that tied her fam­ily to­gether. Grin­ning widely, Nelle “in­no­cently” sug­gested that they send Carly a photo so she could feel like part of the big day.

That’s when Brad stopped in with a neck­lace, which served as Nelle’s some­thing new. Af­ter she tried to laugh off the fact that none of the guests be­lieved she was good enough for Michael, her pal told her to knock ’em dead. “Oh, I plan to,” Nelle smiled.

A Kiss Be­fore Ly­ing

When there was an­other knock at her door, Nelle thought that it was Joss­lyn again… but it was Chase, ask­ing her to run away with him! Claim­ing Michael loved the baby but not her, he in­sisted she de­served what only he could give her: “That con­nec­tion, that ba­sic un­der­stand­ing of each other… that heat.”

Try­ing to ig­nore him, she started primp­ing, and then she turned on him. “I never saw the charm of be­ing poor and in love,” she sniffed. But Chase sim­ply played off their chem­istry and warned that Michael would end up us­ing all that money and priv­i­lege she so badly wanted against her. Then he grabbed her and kissed her… and she gave in to it!

Of course, the minute Joss walked in, Nelle pushed Chase away, kicked him out and pro­duced some crocodile tears. She huffed that she just wanted to for­get about Chase and get mar­ried — and then, re­al­iz­ing Joss was up­set, quickly apol­o­gized and thanked her for be­ing “the best.”

The Mother Of All In­ter­rup­tions

With Michael wait­ing at an al­tar of pink roses, Joss­lyn walked down the aisle, fol­lowed by the glow­ing, preg­nant bride. As is tra­di­tion, every­one stood — ex­cept Bob­bie, who wouldn’t even turn her head!

Tak­ing the in­sult in stride, Nelle claimed her place across from Michael. Then of­fi­ciant Ned got to the in­fa­mous “Speak now or for­ever hold your peace!” por­tion of the wed­ding cer­e­mony.

“Hell no,” Carly cried as she stormed in wear­ing her Fern­cliff sweats. “My son will not be get­ting mar­ried to­day!”

Both Sonny and Ja­son rushed to in­ter­cept Carly, but she pushed past them. With Nelle stand­ing by him, Michael sim­ply took his mother’s hands and re­minded her that they were adults. “She’s the mother of my child,” he said — to which Nelle very quickly added, “And we love each other!”

While Chase was forced to bring a teary Carly to the PCPD, the preg­nant bride

de­clared that she wouldn’t let the in­ter­rup­tion ruin her wed­ding… only to dou­ble over in pain!


Once Nelle and her baby’s health were cleared at GH, she wasn’t go­ing to let Carly or a hos­pi­tal gown keep her from say­ing “I do.” “If we don’t get mar­ried tonight, Carly wins,” she ar­gued, and with Francesca warn­ing Michael not to up­set her pa­tient, he painted on a smile and agreed.

So Ned, Joss and Ja­son came to the room, fol­lowed by Chase, who watched from the door­way but left af­ter Nelle told Michael, “Ev­ery­thing I’ve ever wanted is right in this room.”

Sit­ting be­side a hos­pi­tal­ized Nelle, Michael and his fi­ancée ex­changed sim­ple vows and were pro­nounced hus­band and wife. Nelle watched glee­fully as Ned signed the li­cense — with Ja­son’s pen — and the new­ly­weds were all smiles in Joss’ of­fi­cial wed­ding snap.

But Nelle’s joy didn’t last. When Francesca sent every­one home, Michael left, too. Even as she fin­gered her new ring, Mrs. Corinthos looked crushed — and she didn’t even know that Ned had signed her mar­riage li­cense with dis­ap­pear­ing ink. There would be no hap­pily ever af­ter, be­cause the new­ly­weds weren’t ac­tu­ally mar­ried!

With friends like Ava, who needs brides­maids?

Bob­bie dressed to match her mood. But her ac­ces­sories were aw­fully cute.

Chase made Nelle an of­fer we can’t be­lieve she re­fused.

Carly did what she does best: make a scene!

Nelle’s blood pres­sure would’ve soared if she’d known what was re­ally go­ing on!

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