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GEN­ERAL HOS­PI­TAL’s Kiki has no pa­tience left for her mother — and with good rea­son. But there is still one per­son who re­mains stead­fastly in Ava’s cor­ner — her daugh­ter’s por­trayer, Hay­ley Erin!

“You hear about Ava be­ing a cold­blooded mur­derer five times a day, but you don’t hear that about Sonny,” sniffs the ac­tress. “So if there’s a way to get Ava re­deemed in the eyes of view­ers and some of the char­ac­ters, that would be an in­ter­est­ing dy­namic.”

Since learn­ing the truth about Kiki and Grif­fin’s hookup, Ava’s taken a few swings at re­venge, and she’s cur­rently hav­ing a bit of fun by aim­ing Sasha at them like a sexy pis­tol. “She re­ally did love this man and made all these changes for him, so she’s hurt­ing,” sighs Erin, who adds that, if Ava could just stop lash­ing out, she might find her­self back in Kiki’s good graces. “Be­fore they came to Port Charles, they were a daugh­ter and a sin­gle mother — how much closer can you get?

“Kiki doesn’t feel like she needs to apol­o­gize,” she goes on, “be­cause if any­thing, this makes them even [since Ava slept with Kiki’s late beau, Mor­gan]… but she does love her mom.”

While Erin has high hopes for Ava, the ac­tress is down­right proud of her own char­ac­ter — who’s gone from trou­ble­mak­ing card shark to #MeToo hero­ine. The way her al­ter ego took on lech­er­ous Dr. Ben­sch, “it showed a lot of ma­tu­rity,” she be­lieves. “And as big a fluke and mis­take as it might have been for her to sleep with her mother’s boyfriend, we’re see­ing that Kiki is ca­pa­ble of mak­ing adult, ma­ture de­ci­sions.

“That’s a far cry from Kiki when she came onto the can­vas!” she con­tin­ues. “It’s al­ways fun to have some growth.”

Hold­ing a rose, Kiki ran intothe thorn in her side

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