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We get that soaps some­times get things wrong when deal­ing with their longterm his­tory. But we’re baf­fled by GEN­ERAL HOS­PI­TAL’s de­ci­sion to re­write a ma­jor story point from only a few short months ago! When ear­lier this year we be­gan hear­ing about the body in Cro­ton, it was very clear that Sonny had been tasked with it. Marino was dead and wrapped in plas­tic when Sonny took him to that field. Now, how­ever, we’re be­ing told that Sonny sup- pos­edly killed the guy! Sure, that makes things far more per­sonal be­tween the life­long mafioso and Mar­gaux. Af­ter all, she’s go­ing to be a lot more up­set with the guy who killed her dad than the guy who buried him, even if it was in an un­marked grave. But it doesn’t track with a big plot point the show had gone out of its way to es­tab­lish!

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