Build Strength Through Yoga


When I be­gan prac­tic­ing yoga, I had no idea the jour­ney I was about to em­bark on. I liked the work­out and the in­cred­i­ble feel­ings I had af­ter class. I re­mem­ber think­ing, Why do I love do­ing yoga so much? What is it about this prac­tice that is so heal­ing and lib­er­at­ing? I con­tin­ued prac­tic­ing, us­ing yoga as an out­let from the daily stresses of life, but it wasn’t long be­fore my yoga prac­tice went from once in awhile to nonex­is­tent. I was liv­ing in New York City liv­ing a very busy, sat­u­rated life. I was a makeup artist, beauty con­sul­tant, singer-song­writer, and per­former, so you can imag­ine how crazy and busy my life was run­ning from gigs to photo shoots to au­di­tions and then to the gym to blow off steam from the day and lose my­self in in­tense car­dio work­outs. Two years ago my fast-paced life­style came to a sud­den stop. I was rid­ing on the back of a mo­tor­cy­cle with my fi­ancé when we slid and crashed. I en­dured a knee in­jury that caused me to be im­mo­bile for months, which meant no more work and no more multi-task­ing. I couldn’t even walk to the bath­room on my own. I felt help­less and sunk into a deep de­pres­sion. The feel­ings of not be­ing in con­trol of my body and not be­ing able to work or do any­thing on my own left me feel­ing empty. Af­ter be­ing re­leased from the hos­pi­tal, I spent day af­ter day on my couch in a lot of phys­i­cal pain. I re­mem­ber my fi­ancé say­ing, “You have all this time for your­self, and you need to rest and let your body heal. Al­though you are in pain and can­not walk, you can choose how you want to use this time.” It was then that I re­al­ized I need to be grate­ful for this time that has been given to me, and use it for my own per­sonal growth. Due to be­ing com­fort­able in my busy life­style, I had never had time to re­flect on my­self or find peace in be­ing still in my body and in my mind. I re­lied so much on life’s dis­trac­tions that I never truly spent time re­flect­ing on my­self. I be­gan to re­search yoga and spir­i­tu­al­ity, and it wasn’t long be­fore my per­spec­tive on life be­gan to change.

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