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I do not know when Max re­tired from World Air­ways, but he passed away in 2011.


Grass Val­ley, Cal­i­for­nia

Where’s the Hook?

“An Air­craft Car­rier’s Ca­ble Guys” (June/july 2015), in­cludes a pho­to­graph of a flight deck su­per­vi­sor hold­ing a green pad­dle, with an F/A-18F over­head (p. 54); the cap­tion says that the Su­per Hor­net is “about to land.” Ei­ther the pi­lot for­got to lower the tail­hook, or he is do­ing a flyby or touch-and-go.


Buf­falo, New York


Harry S. Tru­man

Ed­i­tors’ re­ply: A USS pub­lic

af­fairs of­fi­cer says the F/A-18 is do­ing a touch

and-go. The land­ing sig­nal of­fi­cer is in­di­cat­ing

that the flight deck is clear for the ma­neu­ver.

“War Within a War”: June/july 2015 The photo in “How to De­ploy a Mark 3” (p. 36) shows a B-50, not a B-29.

Sally Ride: America’s First Woman

(Re­views & Pre­views): Sally in Space Ride’s first shut­tle mis­sion, STS-7, was in , not . Chal­lenger Columbia

“Any Mis­sion at Feb./mar. 2015 Mach 2”: The state­ment “Not a sin­gle U.S. air­craft was downed by an Iraqi radar-guided SAM” is un­true. At least three U.S. air­craft were downed.

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