Q: How much of the tiger in Life of Pi was real? —James D., Fall River, Mass.

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A: Richard Parker, the Ben­gal tiger that ac­com­pa­nies Pi on his oceanic jour­ney, is mostly a re­sult of CG wiz­ardry. “He was 85 per­cent dig­i­tal and 15 per­cent real,” says vis­ual ef­fects su­per­vi­sor (and Os­car nom­i­nee) Bill Westen­hofer. “The dig­i­tal char­ac­ter took about a year to build and fea­tured 10 mil­lion com­put­er­ized hairs. We used com­pli­cated sim­u­la­tions to mimic the look and move­ments of the four real tigers that were used in the film. Of the 170 tiger shots in the movie, only 23 were real.”

The tiger Richard Parker in Pi

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