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We oc­ca­sion­ally read about peo­ple who have "sailed around the world." How is suc­cess de­fined?

—J.B., Grand Rapids, Mich. Most afi­ciona­dos agree that to ac­com­plish a true cir­cum­nav­i­ga­tion of the globe, the sailor must (1) head in one gen­eral di­rec­tion and fin­ish at the same place he or she started and (2) reach two di­a­met­ri­cally op­po­site points on the planet (places that would be con­nected by a straight line run­ning through the cen­ter of the Earth) dur­ing the jour­ney. While do­ing this, the sailor would surely cross the equa­tor and travel through all the lon­gi­tu­di­nal lines around the globe. Send ques­tions to

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