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The London-born Lost City of Z star, 21, was in­tro­duced as Peter Parker/Spi­der-Man in Captain Amer­ica: Civil War. He dons the Spidey suit again to head­line his very own film, Spi­der-Man: Home­com­ing, open­ing July 7. How does this Spi­der-Man dif­fer from the pre­vi­ous ones? This is the first Spi­der-Man movie that ex­ists entirely in high school. What makes Peter such a re­lat­able char­ac­ter is that he’s go­ing through these ridicu­lous changes in his life while hav­ing to re­main nor­mal and at high school. What’s your fa­vorite new Spidey gizmo? I think lit­tle “Droney” is the coolest part, be­cause it’s fun that he has a re­la­tion­ship with a drone. It’s go­ing to be a re­ally funny re­la­tion­ship be­tween su­per­hero and su­per­bot, if you like.

Was film­ing in the jun­gle for The Lost City of Z harder than wear­ing the Spi­der-Man suit? They both come with their dif­fi­cul­ties. Film­ing in the jun­gle is all-en­com­pass­ing—there’s no es­cap­ing Mother Na­ture; it’s re­lent­less. Then film­ing in the Spi­der-Man suit is sim­i­lar be­cause once you’re in it, you’re in it. You can’t go to the bath­room, you can’t drink wa­ter and it’s just one big sweat bucket.

Were you a Spi­der-Man fan grow­ing up? I was a huge fan. Huge. I had mul­ti­ple cos­tumes and Spi­der-Man bed­sheets. He’s al­ways been my fa­vorite su­per­hero. The fact that I’m play­ing him now is so bizarre for me.

What crazy thing did he do in his Spi­der-Man au­di­tion? Go to Pa­­land to find out.

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