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The Emmy-win­ning HBO com­edy series Curb Your En­thu­si­asm re­turns for its ninth sea­son Oct. 1 af­ter a six-year hia­tus. Larry David, 70, will be back as a semi­fic­tion­al­ized ver­sion of him­self in an un­spar­ing, over-the-top cheeky de­pic­tion of his life.

Af­ter six years away, why come back? Why not? I don’t re­ally miss things or peo­ple that much. But I was miss­ing it. And I got tired of peo­ple ask­ing me, “Is the show com­ing back?” I couldn’t face that ques­tion any­more, and I wasn’t ready to say, “No, never.”

Why did you stop do­ing the show ini­tially? I like to quit things. It’s a very sat­is­fy­ing thing, quit­ting. Did you ever go up to a boss and say, “I’m done. I’ve had it. Go to hell”? It’s fun.

Was it dif­fi­cult get­ting back into the groove?

I had trou­ble the first take, and I thought, Jeez, I’ve lost it. How am I go­ing to do this?

On an up­com­ing episode of Find­ing Your Roots, you dis­cover that you are re­lated to Bernie San­ders, whom you had played so well on Satur­day NightLive. I love Bernie. I thought there must have been some con­nec­tion, you know? He’s prob­a­bly some dis­tant cousin, maybe a third cousin or some­thing. I’m sure ev­ery­body’s cu­ri­ous about their roots. I am hu­man, so I thought that it would be in­ter­est­ing to find out who my an­ces­tors were.

Who’ll be his guest stars this sea­son on Curb Your En­thu­si­asm? Go to to find out.

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