Benelli 175 En­duro

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Benelli 175 En­duro is a rather small model, with a pro­tec­tive plate cov­er­ing the mo­tor and a cou­ple of fend­ers that pro­tect the view should one ven­ture into hu­mid places. The front fender, quite small, is po­si­tioned high up in or­der to al­low for max­i­mum cool­ing of the cylin­der, while the rear one is al­most flat so that one can mount a tail­light: both are beau­ti­fully re­fin­ished with bright chrome. A dif­fi­cult-to-find valve feeds the car­bu­re­tor and there is no cross­over tube to con­nect the two side com­part­ments of the fuel tank, which is prac­ti­cally hor­i­zon­tal in the rear: there­fore a com­pen­sator is not nec­es­sary. The six-volt bat­tery is hidden un­der­neath the seat with two side plates. The han­dle­bars are not ex­ces­sively wide and the foot­boards are lo­cated close to the brake pedal and the gearshift. A small bag­gage com­part­ment lies be­hind the pi­lot.

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