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A study by Au­gus­tine Sci­en­tific Re­search Cen­ter shows that Cell­food low­ers the sur­face ten­sion of wa­ter— im­prov­ing all-im­por­tant cell hy­dra­tion.

The low­er­ing of sur­face ten­sion is what makes ‘wa­ter wet­ter’— and fa­cil­i­tates all-im­por­tant cel­lu­lar hy­dra­tion. It’s a well-known fact that de­hy­dra­tion is one of the most com­mon causes of im­proper func­tion­ing of many body sys­tems. Cell­food’s unique for­mula helps keep your body well hy­drated through­out the day and night. No other for­mula can do so much for your over­all health.

By adding just 24 drops of Cell­food to your wa­ter bot­tle each day, you’ll clean and detox­ify, help to elim­i­nate free rad­i­cals, and bring oxy­gen, hy­dro­gen and plant nu­tri­ents into your body. And Cell­food has a 100% sat­is­fac­tion guar­an­tee, with NO time limit! (mN/m) Ten­sion Sur­face

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