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Beets were once con­sid­ered a hum­ble veg­etable that fam­i­lies could af­ford to put on the ta­ble. Now they’ve be­come a ta­ble fa­vorite, and not just for their sweet, earthy fla­vor. Beets of­fer a myr­iad of amaz­ing health ben­e­fits.

Beet juice may in­crease mus­cle power

You may know that your body can use nat­u­ral ni­trates—found in abun­dance in beets—to cre­ate ni­trous ox­ide and pro­mote healthy di­la­tion of veins and ar­ter­ies in your heart. A re­cent study found that the same may be true for other mus­cles in your body—con­sum­ing beet juice in­creased par­tic­i­pants’ mus­cle power by up to 13 per­cent. Source: Cir­cu­la­tion: Heart Fail­ure

Beet juice may im­prove blood pres­sure

Reach for a glass of sooth­ing beet juice when that cer­tain rel­a­tive—you know the one—has you on the verge of burst­ing a vein at your hol­i­day party. Re­cent stud­ies show beet juice can de­crease sys­tolic blood pres­sure by 4 to 5 points in a mat­ter of hours. Beet juice: 1; Un­cle Fred: 0. Source: Cir­cu­la­tion: Nu­tri­tion Jour­nal

Beets snuff out in­flam­ma­tion

In­flam­ma­tion plays a key role in heart dis­ease, so it’s only nat­u­ral this heart-healthy veggie would cool off the body’s un­wanted burn­ing sensation—and it does. Beets have been shown to cause anti-in­flam­ma­tory ef­fects due to their abun­dance in be­taine, a nu­tri­ent as­so­ci­ated with de­creas­ing sev­eral in­flam­ma­tory mark­ers. Source: wh­

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