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Sol­u­ble and in­sol­u­ble fibers can both ben­e­fit your body and your health, but too much of ei­ther can cause dis­com­fort dur­ing your bath­room breaks. The two work to­gether to reg­u­late di­ges­tion and award your body with health ben­e­fits. The rec­om­mended daily amount of fiber is 25 grams for women and 38 for men. While there are no of­fi­cial rec­om­mended sol­u­ble-toin­sol­u­ble ra­tios, it would be­hoove you to main­tain an even bal­ance be­tween the two to reap all the ben­e­fits each fiber has to of­fer.

A fiber-rich diet can bal­ance the gut mi­cro­biome to pre­vent in­flam­ma­tory dis­eases, along with mak­ing you feel full so you don’t overeat and gain weight. Most fi­brous foods con­tain both sol­u­ble and in­sol­u­ble fiber, just in dif­fer­ent ra­tios. The ben­e­fits of each fiber are plenty, so plan­ning to add more of both to your diet is an ob­vi­ous choice. Plus, not only does fiber keep your health in check in a va­ri­ety of ways, it’s also found in a ton of de­li­cious foods along­side other nu­tri­ents that boost your health. Make sure you’re eat­ing a va­ri­ety of fi­brous foods and you’ll main­tain a healthy bal­ance of both types, ergo a healthy self.

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