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While foods with sig­nif­i­cant amounts of vi­ta­min D are hard to come by, sup­ple­ments aren’t the only way to get vi­ta­min D2. Mush­rooms have been shown to be one of the rare foods to con­tain large amounts of vi­ta­min D (other sources like dairy prod­ucts are merely for­ti­fied with it). Plus, con­sider this crazi­ness: Ex­pos­ing mush­rooms to di­rect sun­light causes them to act like tiny edi­ble so­lar pan­els. They soak up the sun to cre­ate much higher lev­els of vi­ta­min D2 when in­gested. Sun-dried or ar­ti­fi­cial UV light-dried mush­rooms have rad­i­cally ramped-up vi­ta­min D2 lev­els. SOURCE: JOUR­NAL OF NU­TRI­TION AND FOOD SCIENCES

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