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As we can see from the cur­rent elec­tion cam­paigns, there are three main al­ter­na­tives to fur­ther re­form our sys­tem: 1 con­tin­u­ance of the ACA, with im­prove­ments as needed, as sup­ported by Hil­lary Clin­ton and many Democrats, with­out yet spec­i­fy­ing what im­prove­ments would be made; 2 re­peal of the ACA, as is the con­sen­sus among Repub­li­cans, re­plac­ing it with a sup­posed new plan which will rely on such al­ready dis­cred­ited ap­proaches as consumer-di­rected health­care, tax cred­its, health sav­ings ac­counts, less reg­u­la­tion, high-risk pools, and sell­ing in­surance across state lines; and 3 en­act­ment of Medi­care for all, na­tional health in­surance (NHI), as sup­ported by Senator Bernie San­ders, un­der a sin­gle-payer fi­nanc­ing sys­tem cou­pled with a pri­vate de­liv­ery sys­tem. This would pro­vide uni­ver­sal ac­cess to com­pre­hen­sive health­care for all Amer­i­cans through pro­gres­sive taxes whereby 95 per­cent of in­di­vid­u­als, fam­i­lies, and em­ploy­ers would pay less for in­surance and health­care than they now do.

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