Fore­arm Plank

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MEA­SURES: The fore­arm plank is im­por­tant for core strength. As men­tioned, core strength is im­por­tant for main­tain­ing good pos­ture and bal­ance as well as pre­vent­ing back pain and in­jury.

MIR­ROR MOVE­MENT: While core strength helps with just about everything, some no­table sit­u­a­tions would be get­ting in and out of a car or mov­ing around once in bed.

To do a proper fore­arm plank, hold your torso off the ground, tak­ing care to hold it in a straight line from shoul­ders to an­kles. Make sure you en­gage your core by pulling in your belly but­ton and steadily bal­anc­ing on your toes and el­bows. Hold a steady breath­ing pat­tern. The proper po­si­tion is fairly sim­ple, but hold­ing it for 30 to 60 sec­onds harshly tests the en­durance of your abs, back, and core. Mak­ing it to 60 sec­onds is okay, but 2 min­utes is the sweet spot for glean­ing the ben­e­fits of last­ing core strength. I’M NOT SAY­ING I CAN’T, BUT… If your hips start sag­ging to­wards the floor or hik­ing up­ward in­stead of stay­ing flat, this in­di­cates a lack of core strength. Keep­ing proper form, but be­ing un­able to hold a plank for 2 min­utes may in­di­cate that your core is strong, but only a full 2 min­utes in­di­cates a healthy foun­da­tion for core health. You’re on the right track—keep work­ing up to it!

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