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Carotenoids are the plant pig­ments that give fruits and veg­eta­bles their fes­tive col­ors. They are also hard­work­ing an­tiox­i­dants that have been shown to pro­tect against lung, heart, breast, and prostate can­cers. There are more than 600 known carotenoids, but the most well-known are ly­copene, be­tac­arotene, lutein, and zeax­an­thin. The last two, lutein and zeax­an­thin, are note­wor­thy com­po­nents of eye health.

The ben­e­fits of th­ese two carotenoids lie in the retina of the hu­man eye. Lutein and zeax­an­thin are very con­cen­trated in the cen­ter of the retina, and have been shown to block cer­tain wave­lengths of blue light. Blue light and other retina stresses are what cause and ag­gra­vate age-re­lated mac­u­lar de­gen­er­a­tion (AMD), which is the lead­ing cause of blind­ness in peo­ple over age 55 in West­ern na­tions. Sweet corn, canned or whole ker­nel // 528 mcg Spinach, raw // 331 mcg Col­lards, cooked with­out salt // 266 mcg Ro­maine let­tuce // 187 mcg Spinach, cooked with­out salt // 179 mcg

Tan­ger­ines, raw (man­darin or­anges) // 112 mcg Or­anges, raw // 74 mcg

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