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Even with the best in­ten­tions, res­o­lu­tions can be hard to ac­com­plish if you’re con­stantly run­ning on an empty tank. Un­for­tu­nately for those of us that need to be both early birds and night owls, lack of sleep has a huge im­pact on how we ex­e­cute ev­ery­day tasks. Even just one night of missed sleep leads to con­se­quences like:

De­creased abil­ity to re­tain and re­call in­for­ma­tion Dif­fi­culty learn­ing new in­for­ma­tion Less cre­ativ­ity Less abil­ity to han­dle stress In­creased mood­i­ness and ir­ri­tabil­ity Im­paired re­ac­tion time, judg­ment, think­ing, and co­or­di­na­tion Poorer phys­i­cal ap­pear­ance In­creased ap­petite, which can lead to weight gain Poorer heart health and im­mune sys­tem func­tion One way to avoid th­ese prob­lems is to hop into bed at an ear­lier hour. Grad­u­ally move your bed­time back by 15 min­utes each night un­til you reach a time when you can eas­ily rouse your­self in the morn­ing. This may take a few nights of ex­per­i­men­ta­tion, so set an alarm to re­mind you when it’s time to go to bed. As usual, avoid bright light as well as the TV, cell phones, tablets, and other screens in the hours lead­ing up to your slum­ber. In the morn­ing, open the blinds or turn on the light im­me­di­ately to help your body adapt to its newly ver­ti­cal po­si­tion in life. Fi­nally, avoid the urge to sleep late on week­ends. It tam­pers with your brain’s rou­tine, and can lead to more list­less morn­ing strug­gles. Source: Na­tional Sleep Foun­da­tion

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A re­cent study gives yet an­other rea­son to sad­dle up our bi­cy­cles for our daily com­mute. Re­searchers con­cluded that there is a sta­tis­ti­cally sig­nif­i­cant cor­re­la­tion be­tween method of trans­porta­tion and en­ergy lev­els after ar­riv­ing at work. Though the study was done in bike-friendly Mon­treal, the data show bik­ers are both more punc­tual and more en­er­gized than their car-driv­ing or bus-rid­ing co­work­ers. Here’s to hop­ing this new­found knowl­edge leads to an in­crease in bike lanes across the United States!

Driv­ers have the low­est odds of feel­ing en­er­gized at work.

Bus rid­ers (un­sur­pris­ingly) have the high­est odds of ar­riv­ing late at work.

Source: Trans­porta­tion Re­search Jour­nal

Citi Bike, a bike-shar­ing ser­vice, had its best year yet. The bike­shar­ing com­pany had nearly

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