Home­o­pathic reme­dies can help tame the PMS mon­ster

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DO A N Y O F T H E S E SYM P TOM S SO U N D familiar? Ir­ri­tabil­ity, sad­ness, headaches, bloat­ing, an in­crease in ap­petite, fa­tigue, and other symp­toms af­flict up to 75 per­cent of women up to two weeks be­fore their pe­ri­ods. For some (3 to 5 per­cent), pre­men­strual syn­drome (PMS) is se­vere enough to be in­ca­pac­i­tat­ing. On­com­ing pe­ri­ods trig­ger changes in the bal­ance of es­tro­gen and pro­ges­terone (es­tro­gen falls while pro­ges­terone surges). Th­ese pow­er­ful hor­mones cause very real changes in the body and can af­fect brain chem­istry and emo­tions.

Home­opa­thy, which works with the body to stim­u­late its nat­u­ral heal­ing abil­i­ties, of­fers a nat­u­ral way to ease symp­toms. In a study pub­lished in the Jan­uary 2013 is­sue of Home­opa­thy, 23 women, av­er­age age 39, were pre­scribed home­o­pathic treat­ment for their PMS symp­toms. The most com­mon com­plaints were ir­ri­tabil­ity, ag­gres­sion, and tension, fol­lowed by weight gain and bloat­ing. The study con­cluded that home­o­pathic treat­ment was well-tol­er­ated and sig­nif­i­cantly de­creased PMS symp­toms—in fact, the av­er­age score of symp­tom in­ten­sity was cut by half.

A li­censed home­opath can cus­tom­ize a pre­scrip­tion for you based on spe­cific in­di­vid­ual needs; how­ever, OTC for­mu­las are avail­able that ad­dress a range of gen­eral PMS symp­toms. ( Ed­i­tor’s note: See “Good Buys” on right for our prod­uct picks.)


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