Raw Choco­late-Ba­nana Cream Pie with Co­conut-Pe­can Crust

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Serves 12 This choco­laty dessert is nat­u­rally sweet­ened and in­cludes good fats from avo­ca­dos, raw pe­cans, and co­conut oil. It can also be made as four 4-inch in­di­vid­ual tarts. RECIPE BY LISA TURNER

CRUST 1 cup raw pe­cans ½ cup soft Med­jool dates, pit­ted and

coarsely chopped 1 cup plus 2 Tbs. unsweet­ened co­conut

flakes ¼ cup raw ca­cao nibs

FILL­ING 4 medium avo­ca­dos, very ripe ½ cup raw, un­fil­tered honey ¼ cup maple syrup 4 Tbs. co­conut oil, slightly soft­ened 2 tsp. vanilla ex­tract 1 cup nat­u­ral co­coa pow­der, raw if pos

sible 2 medium ba­nanas, very ripe 16 raw pe­can halves

1. Lightly coat bot­tom and sides of 8-inch glass pie pan with co­conut oil. Set aside. 2. To make Crust: Com­bine pe­cans, dates, and 1 cup co­conut flakes in blender; process un­til mix­ture is crumbly. Add half of ca­cao nibs, and pulse un­til mix­ture starts to form ball. Press mix­ture into pie pan to form crust, and place in freezer to chill. 3. To make Fill­ing: Halve avo­ca­dos, re­move pit, and scoop out flesh. Com­bine av­o­cado flesh, honey, maple syrup, co­conut oil, vanilla, co­coa pow­der, and ba­nanas in food pro­ces­sor. Process un­til very smooth and creamy, oc­ca­sion­ally scrap­ing sides of food pro­ces­sor with rub­ber spat­ula; add up to ⅓ cup warm wa­ter 1 Tbs. at a time, if nec­es­sary, to thin. 4. Trans­fer Fill­ing to Crust, smooth­ing top. Scat­ter re­main­ing 2 Tbs. co­conut flakes and ca­cao nibs on top of pie. Ar­range pe­can halves around out­side of pie. Chill 1 hour (or un­til firm) be­fore serv­ing.

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