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Build a solid foun­da­tion for op­ti­mum health with th­ese four key nu­tri­ents.

Many peo­ple be­lieve that low blood sugar, or hy­po­glycemia, is a dif­fer­ent dis­or­der from high blood sugar. In most cases, high and low blood sugar are usu­ally part of the same dis­or­der. In some peo­ple with pre­di­a­betes, blood sugar lev­els can fluc­tu­ate from high to low in a cou­ple of hours. Low blood sugar might cause a shaky feel­ing, whereas high blood sugar might re­sult in poor con­cen­tra­tion and sleepi­ness. A pro­tein-rich diet, along with silymarin or chromium sup­ple­ments, might be help­ful.

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