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Among the ever-grow­ing mul­ti­tude of diet books that rou­tinely pop up on store shelves, The Skinny Gut Diet by nu­tri­tion­ist Brenda Wat­son, CNC, is clearly dif­fer­ent. The em­pha­sis isn’t on sim­ply help­ing you lose weight—it’s on bal­anc­ing your gut bac­te­ria for per­ma­nent weight loss. The au­thor has spe­cial­ized in di­ges­tive care and healthy detox­i­fi­ca­tion for more than 20 years, and has writ­ten nine other books, in­clud­ing The Fiber35 Diet. Here, we asked Wat­son a few ques­tions about her new book. What mo­ti­vated you to write your lat­est book, The Skinny Gut Diet? I have been writ­ing about the con­nec­tion be­tween gut bal­ance and obe­sity (e.g., in books and on blogs) for a while now. After enough sci­ence had ac­cu­mu­lated in support of this the­ory, I de­cided to test a diet fo­cus­ing on gut health. So I put 10 peo­ple on a spe­cific gut-bal­anc­ing diet and also or­dered stool tests to as­sess their gut bal­ance. Their ex­pe­ri­ences were in­cred­i­ble, and be­ing able to tell their be­fore-and-after sto­ries is one of the things that mo­ti­vated me the most. What would you like peo­ple to know most about your new book? It’s im­por­tant that peo­ple un­der­stand that they are not en­tirely to blame for their in­abil­ity to lose weight and keep it off. When peo­ple re­al­ize that their gut bac­te­ria bal­ance is what re­ally de­ter­mines their weight loss abil­ity, they stop feel­ing like a fail­ure and start tak­ing con­trol of their health. What’s your ad­vice for peo­ple who have tried ev­ery diet out there and might be ap­pre­hen­sive about start­ing yet another diet? The Skinny Gut Diet does more than help you lose weight—it changes your gut bac­te­ria bal­ance so that you can keep the weight off for good. By re­bal­anc­ing your gut bac­te­ria, you will fi­nally store less fat, ab­sorb fewer ex­tra calo­ries from food, and ban­ish crav­ings—all be­cause of your gut bac­te­ria. You won’t find that in other diet books.

—Ni­cole Brechka

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