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ONCE IN A WHILE, TH ERE’S A BREAK­THROUGH IN TH E WORLD OF NATUR AL reme­dies, and for choles­terol re­duc­tion, it’s berg­amot ex­tract. It comes from a cit­rus fruit that grows mostly in the Cal­abria re­gion of south­ern Italy. Oil from berg­amot rind is used to fla­vor Earl Grey tea; in aro­mather­apy, it’s used to re­duce anx­i­ety. But oil from the rind will not lower choles­terol. The ther­a­peu­tic sup­ple­ment is a berg­amot ex­tract from the juice of the fruit.

So far, hu­man stud­ies have tested berg­amot ex­tract on more than 400 peo­ple with el­e­vated blood fats, in­clud­ing choles­terol and triglyc­erides, which in­crease risk for both heart dis­ease and di­a­betes. Th­ese are some of the find­ings:

An Ital­ian study, pub­lished in the jour­nal Fi­toter­apia, com­pared a placebo with ei­ther 500 or 1,000 mg of berg­amot ex­tract. Af­ter one month, for the lower and higher dosages, av­er­age re­duc­tions in harm­ful LDL choles­terol were 24 and 36 per­cent and for triglyc­erides, 30 and 39 per­cent, while ben­e­fi­cial HDL choles­terol in­creased by 22 and 40 per­cent. El­e­vated blood sugar dropped by 15 and 25 per­cent. An­other study, pub­lished in the In­ter­na­tional Jour­nal of Car­di­ol­ogy, com­pared the ef­fects of a placebo, a statin, 1,000 mg of berg­amot, and a com­bi­na­tion of the statin and berg­amot dur­ing one month. All but the placebo ef­fec­tively low­ered choles­terol, and among those tak­ing the drug-sup­ple­ment com­bi­na­tion, doc­tors cut the drug dosage in half with­out re­duc­ing its ef­fec­tive­ness. A study pub­lished in Ad­vances in Bi­o­log­i­cal Chem­istry looked at the ef­fect of 650 mg of berg­amot ex­tract, twice daily, on the liver. Re­searchers found that among peo­ple with non­al­co­holic fatty liver dis­ease and risk for heart dis­ease and di­a­betes, berg­amot im­proved lev­els of choles­terol, triglyc­erides, and blood sugar, and im­proved liver health.

US­ING BERG­AMOT EX­TRACT: 500–1,000 mg daily has been the ef­fec­tive dose in stud­ies. It’s prefer­able to take berg­amot be­fore or be­tween meals, rather than with food.

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