Is adrenal ex­haus­tion the prob­lem?

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tis­sue that has been ob­tained from bovine sources. Tese prod­ucts are avail­able with­out a pre­scrip­tion, but are best taken un­der the guid­ance of a physi­cian. Seafood and seaweed con­tain large amounts of io­dine, and brazil nuts are the rich­est nat­u­ral source of se­le­nium. All an­i­mal pro­teins con­tain L-ty­ro­sine. It’s im­por­tant to avoid foods con­tain­ing goitro­gens, sub­stances that in­ter­fere with nor­mal thy­roid ac­tiv­ity. Tese foods in­clude cru­cif­er­ous veg­eta­bles, soy, pine nuts, peanuts, and mil­let. Cooking usu­ally in­ac­ti­vates goitro­gens.

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