Wher­ever You May Roam, Take the Spa With You!

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Di­ges­tive en­zymes are also an im­por­tant travel rem­edy to pack. Tey can help sup­port the body’s di­ges­tive process, fght of intruding bac­te­ria, and ease di­ges­tive up­set from un­fa­mil­iar foods. Take one to two cap­sules with meals. Pineap­ple and pa­paya are good sources of di­ges­tive en­zymes, so en­joy th­ese fruits if they are avail­able. Pack a travel-size bot­tle of mas­sage oil for those aching mus­cles, and aro­mather­apy bath oil to help you re­lax. Home­o­pathic creams for pain that in­clude ar­nica and other heal­ing reme­dies are also per­fect to take along on trips where you might be walk­ing more than usual or spend­ing large parts of the day out­doors (e.g., hik­ing, ski­ing).

Also for achy mus­cles: Add a packet of ef­fer­ves­cent vi­ta­min C to your bath for re­lief. And also add the packets to wa­ter bot­tles for added im­mune sup­port and elec­trolyte re­plen­ish­ment. Or pack a bot­tle of chew­able vi­ta­min C.

Ded­i­cate 10 min­utes at night and in the morn­ing to stretch­ing to stay en­er­gized.

To look re­freshed af­ter a long flight, pack a gel eye mask and chill it in the ice bucket in your ho­tel room.

Carry laven­der es­sen­tial oils. Laven­der helps pro­mote a sense of calm­ness and may help fight stress and boost mood. Place a few drops on your pil­low­case for peace­ful sleep. You can also place a few drops on a tis­sue and wipe over toi­let seat or the bath­room counter top to dis­in­fect them. Also good for travel: pep­per­mint es­sen­tial oil, which helps fend off fa­tigue and en­cour­age men­tal alert­ness. Rub a drop be­tween your mid­dle fin­gers and then stroke on your tem­ples and the hol­lows at the sides of the back of your neck where it meets your skull.

Pro­tect your skin from sun­burn with a travel-size sun­screen. Bring one that is a lit­tle bit stronger than your ev­ery­day sun­screen if you plan to be out in the sun all day.

Re­tain­ing wa­ter can be a side ef­fect of a long flight. Try adding sliced cu­cum­ber, a nat­u­ral diuretic, to wa­ter. This will help re­duce any un­nec­es­sary wa­ter re­ten­tion while keep­ing you hy­drated.

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