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Pay a Lot of At­ten­tion to In­flam­ma­tion How quickly—or slowly—you age is de­ter­mined by two key pro­cesses: in­flam­ma­tion and the pro­duc­tion of free rad­i­cals. Each one is trig­gered—or pre­vented—by specifc things in your diet, en­vi­ron­ment, and way of life. In a pos­i­tive sense, in­flam­ma­tion is a pro­tec­tive re­sponse to ir­ri­ta­tion, in­jury, or in­fec­tion. We ex­pe­ri­ence it as red­ness, swelling, heat, or pain, and it’s easy to see when you scratch or cut your fnger. In­flam­ma­tion is a vi­tal part of the heal­ing process as your body fghts the in­jury, and it helps to pro­tect you against in­fec­tion. But the in­flam­ma­tory re­sponse can go awry and speed up the ag­ing process.

Lev­els of in­flam­ma­tion can be mea­sured with a blood test for C-re­ac­tive pro­tein, or CRP. Although it isn’t usu­ally part of a check-up for a healthy per­son, CRP tests in stud­ies show that an un­healthy lifestyle in­creases in­flam­ma­tion. But it can be re­duced with the right diet, ex­er­cise, and specifc sup­ple­ments.

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