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Re­lieve Pain with Turmeric One of the most pow­er­ful nat­u­ral anti-in­flam­ma­to­ries is cur­cumin—an in­gre­di­ent in turmeric, the In­dian spice that gives curry its tell­tale yel­low color. Clin­i­cally, cur­cumin has worked as well as cor­ti­sone for os­teoarthri­tis, rheuma­toid arthri­tis, and post­op­er­a­tive in­flam­ma­tion. In one dou­ble-blind cross­over study, tak­ing a daily dose of cur­cumin re­lieved morn­ing stiff­ness and joint swelling bet­ter than a cor­ti­cos­teroid drug. It also im­proved walk­ing time in those suf­fer­ing from arthri­tis. Best of all, the cur­cumin was well-tol­er­ated and had no side ef­fects.

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