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Find Out if You’re Low in Mag­ne­sium If you have one or more of these symp­toms, a lack of mag­ne­sium may be to blame. A di­ag­no­sis of low bone den­sity or os­teo­poro­sis Ab­nor­mal heart rhythms Ag­i­ta­tion Anx­i­ety Blood pres­sure that is high Blood sugar that is el­e­vated Cho­co­late crav­ings Con­fu­sion Con­sti­pa­tion De­pres­sion Di­a­betes or pre­di­a­betes Ex­ces­sive sen­si­tiv­ity to noise or pain Ex­haus­tion Fa­tigue Headaches Hyper­ven­ti­la­tion

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