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Check Your Vi­ta­min B Sta­tus As you get older, your sys­tem doesn’t ab­sorb vi­ta­min B12 as well as it used to.

Tis is es­pe­cially true if you take antacids, be­cause stom­ach acid is nec­es­sary to ab­sorb the vi­ta­min. Con­se­quently, tak­ing a larger amount than what is com­monly found in a mul­ti­vi­ta­min is a good way to give your­self an energy boost. Use the methyl­cobal­amin form over cobal­amin (the more com­mon type of vi­ta­min B12). Methyl­cobal­amin, which may cost a lit­tle more, is a “body-ready” form of the nu­tri­ent and more easily ab­sorbed.

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