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Sleep Bet­ter (and Pro­tect DNA!) with Mela­tonin Mela­tonin is well re­garded for its abil­ity to scav­enge free rad­i­cals. Since mela­tonin is both wa­ter- and fat-sol­u­ble, it moves easily through cell mem­branes, al­low­ing it to clean up free rad­i­cals where they can do the most dam­age. Mela­tonin has been shown to pro­tect cel­lu­lar mi­to­chon­dria, the energy-pro­duc­ing fac­to­ries within the cells. It can even help pro­tect our pre­cious DNA.

Adding mela­tonin to your sup­ple­ment reg­i­men can be bene­f­cial in a num­ber of ways. First, it’s an ex­cel­lent and gen­tle way to en­cour­age sleep, which can be par­tic­u­larly help­ful for peo­ple suf­fer­ing from in­som­nia. It can also help peo­ple who travel and must con­tend with jet lag, sup­port­ing their ef­forts to ad­just to dis­tant time zones. And, of course, it can also

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