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Put Another Can­dle on Your Birth­day Cake Peo­ple past their 60th birth­day tend to grow hap­pier, ac­cord­ing to stud­ies that found that older peo­ple shown pic­tures of faces or sit­u­a­tions re­mem­ber the hap­pier ones more than the neg­a­tive ones. Be­ing grate­ful is one of the sim­plest ways to foster hap­pi­ness. In one study, re­searchers found that list­ing three good things that hap­pened dur­ing the day—no mat­ter how small—in­creased hap­pi­ness and de­creased de­pres­sive symp­toms. So take a few min­utes each day to think about good things that hap­pened. Ei­ther write them down or en­ter them into an app such as Hap­pier or Te Grat­i­tude Habit.

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