Six es­sen­tial oils to pu­rify and re­vi­tal­ize your body

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Detox­ify with Aro­mather­apy Six es­sen­tial oils to awaken the senses, re­duce bloat, and more.

Spring in­spires many of us to hit the “re­fresh” but­ton, whether it’s by los­ing weight, get­ting more sleep, or faith­fully prac­tic­ing yoga. Dis­cover how es­sen­tial oils can help you re­al­ize these health goals—and also en­rich your life in ways you may not have imag­ined.

In­cor­po­rat­ing aro­mather­apy into your detox plans lets you tap into the ther­a­peu­tic cleans­ing prop­er­ties of es­sen­tial oils, ban­ish the blues with up­lift­ing scents, and awaken from the win­ter dol­drums. the fol­low­ing es­sen­tial oils and blends can not only lead to bet­ter health, but also of­fer the plea­sure of scent.


Take a deep breath of es­sen­tial oil of PEP­PER­MINT (Men­tha piperita), and let its men­thol aroma open air­ways and re­vive a sleepy head. As a nat­u­ral an­tiox­i­dant, pep­per­mint will help detox­ify your liver and strengthen the GI sys­tem. Pep­per­mint tea is val­ued as a di­ges­tive, so switch your af­ter­noon cof­fee for a minty cup to con­tinue the detox­i­fy­ing ben­e­fits of your morn­ing blend.

JU­NIPER BERRY ( Ju­nipe­rus com­mu­nis) is an an­tibac­te­rial pow­er­house. With its crisp, clar­i­fy­ing scent, ju­niper is of­ten mixed with eu­ca­lyp­tus to scent spa saunas and steam rooms, and to help pu­rify the air and cleanse the lungs. Ju­niper also con­tains con­stituents that act as di­uret­ics, help­ing flush ex­cess wa­ter from the kid­neys and tox­ins from the skin.

The bright tart­ness of lemon en­livens many bev­er­ages, and it’s this as­trin­gent prop­erty that makes es­sen­tial oil of LEMON ( Citrus limon) the per­fect choice for wring­ing out ex­cess wa­ter weight. Lemon’s detox­i­fy­ing el­e­ments also re­duce in­flam­ma­tion in the body and sup­port the im­mune sys­tem. Squeeze a few drops of fresh juice into each glass of wa­ter to boost daily hy­dra­tion. Like lemon, GRAPE­FRUIT ( Citrus par­a­disi) is a tangy citrus that helps ex­pel un­wanted tox­ins and com­bats mi­crobes in the body that can cause bloat­ing, aid­ing in weight loss. (Re­mem­ber the Grape­fruit Diet?) SAGE ( Salvia o of­fic­i­nalis) is an an­cient herb sa­cred to many Na­tive Amer­i­cans, who for cen­turies have used it to cleanse, or smudge, their homes from neg­a­tive energy. e es­sen­tial oil is of­ten used in nat­u­ral medicine to dis­solve fat cells and bat­tle hard-to- ght cel­lulite. is es­sen­tial oil is very strong — just the small­est of doses is e ec­tive, and the her­bal scent will o er a ground­ing el­e­ment to an even­ing detox blend. A li­corice-like aroma sig­nals the pres­ence of FEN­NEL ( Foenicu­lum vul­gare), an es­sen­tial oil that, like sage, fights fat and cel­lulite. You may rec­og­nize fen­nel as an in­gre­di­ent in teas for­mu­lated for weight loss, as the herb can boost the me­tab­o­lism and sup­press the ap­petite. It is an an­ti­spas­modic, and acts on the di­ges­tive tract to quell nau­sea; as a di­uretic, fen­nel helps re­duce wa­ter re­ten­tion. In short, it’s great for your gut!

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