There are a lot of re­ally good health ben­e­fits to tak­ing gar­lic sup­ple­ments—and cook­ing with more fresh gar­lic

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Thou­sands of sci­en­tific ar­ti­cles show that gar­lic re­pels un­wanted or­gan­isms, in­clud­ing harm­ful bac­te­ria, viruses, and fungi; has an­ti­tu­mor qual­i­ties; re­duces risk for heart dis­ease; and may im­prove lev­els of blood sugar by re­duc­ing in­sulin re­sis­tance. Its use dates back thou­sands of years, for pre­ven­tion and treat­ment of var­i­ous dis­eases, in poul­tices to pre­vent in­fec­tion of wounds, and even as a per­for­mance en­hancer among Olympic ath­letes in an­cient Greece.

To­day, pre­ven­tion of heart dis­ease is one of the big­gest rea­sons why peo­ple take gar­lic in sup­ple­ments. But there are other uses for this mul­tipur­pose herb. Here are the top rea­sons to take a gar­lic sup­ple­ment:

Aged Gar­lic Ex­tract and Artery Pro­tec­tion

Re­searchers at Har­bor-UCLA Med­i­cal Cen­ter in Tor­rance, Calif., found that Aged Gar­lic Ex­tract (AGE) sup­ple­ments slowed the pro­gres­sion of ar­te­rial plaque by 80 per­cent. (Aged Gar­lic Ex­tract is a spe­cific type of odor­less gar­lic.) “We have com­pleted four ran­dom­ized stud­ies, and they have led us to con­clude that AGE can help slow the pro­gres­sion of ath­er­o­scle­ro­sis and re­verse early stages of heart dis­ease,” says lead re­searcher Matthew Bud­off, MD.

Choles­terol & Blood Pres­sure Con­trol

A re­view of gar­lic re­search, pub­lished in the Jour­nal of Nu­tri­tion, an­a­lyzed stud­ies that fol­lowed a to­tal of more than 3,000 peo­ple. It found that gar­lic sup­ple­ments re­duced to­tal and LDL choles­terol by up to 10 per­cent if taken for at least two months. Sys­tolic blood

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