“Blender Girl” Tess Mas­ters shares three su­per sum­mer smooth­ies from her new book The Per­fect Blend

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Drink Up! “Blender Girl” Tess Mas­ters re­veals her fa­vorite su­per­food smooth­ies.

Welooked to Tess Mas­ters, best­selling au­thor of e Blender Girl, e Blender Girl Smooth­ies, e Detox Dynamo

Cleanse, and the new e Per­fect Blend, for the best sum­mer smoothie recipes both sides of the Mis­sis­sippi. Mix one up for an in­stant re­fresher and blast of su­per­food nu­tri­tion you’ll feel down to your toes.

Amazing Well­ness: Where do you get in­spi­ra­tion for your smoothie recipes?

Tess Mas­ters: I like to source in­spi­ra­tion from tex­tured dishes, and make a blended ver­sion of that fla­vor pro­file. For ex­am­ple, an ap­ple pie a la mode, pineap­ple salsa, tomato gaz­pa­cho, rasp­berry lemon cheese­cake, dill pickle, and so on. Other times I’m in­trigued by a par­tic­u­lar com­bi­na­tion of in­gre­di­ents and want to know if it will work in a smoothie. For The Per­fect

Blend, I started with health goals, and cre­ated blends that catered to spe­cific di­etary re­quire­ments. I looked at the top foods for that goal, and built fla­vor pro­files around that end game. With smooth­ies, I’m al­ways look­ing to ex­pand the ex­pe­ri­ence, and cre­ate blends that not only look gor­geous and are nu­tri­ent-dense, but also take you on a fla­vor jour­ney much like a tex­tured dish. AW: What got you started in cre­at­ing these fan­tas­tic recipes?

TM: I’ve al­ways loved to cook. But, when I chose to go mac­ro­bi­otic, then ve­gan, af­ter be­ing di­ag­nosed with Ep­stein-Barr virus, I was de­ter­mined to en­joy food in­stead of feeling de­prived, and if I wasn’t go­ing to eat some of the foods I re­ally loved (cheese!), I was go­ing to learn how to make the so-called “card­board” foods taste mind-blow­ingly de­li­cious. But I needed some more skills! So, I took cook­ing classes, read books, made other peo­ple’s recipes, and got re­ally bold ex­per­i­ment­ing with my own cre­ations. rough trial and er­ror, I taught my­self how to com­bine avors and tex­tures. I started e Blender

Girl site to share those recipes with fam­ily and friends, and to show peo­ple how to use their blender be­yond smooth­ies and soups. I asked read­ers, “What’s your per­fect blend?” en, ev­ery­thing gained mo­men­tum, and now we have three books and an app in e Blender Girl se­ries. It’s been re­ally fun.

AW: Do your recipes go through a lot of ver­sions and re­vi­sions?

TM: It de­pends on the recipe. Af­ter cre­at­ing the recipes for e Blender Girl Smooth­ies app, I feel like I’ve put my­self through smoothie boot camp, so I tend to know what is go­ing to work and what isn’t. I can also cre­ate a smoothie that yields two 16-ounce glasses in my sleep. How­ever, I may take a few goes to get the avor nu­ance just right. When I’m test­ing more exotic com­bi­na­tions that I haven’t put to­gether be­fore, it takes a few more goes to per­fect it. With tex­tured dishes, test­ing is more com­plex and takes longer. Some­times I nail some­thing the rst go (I love those days!), and other days it takes more trial and er­ror to get some­thing to sing. Hav­ing said all of that, I test my recipes very ex­ten­sively in my own kitchen at least 20 times (with di er­ent blenders and di er­ent brands and qual­i­ties of in­gre­di­ents) be­fore I send them o to my 55 recipe testers for feed­back.

ey are liv­ing all over the world us­ing di er­ent ma­chines. I need to en­sure that the recipes work no mat­ter what blender you’re us­ing. Tex­ture will vary, but they will still be de­li­cious.

AW: Do you have a fa­vorite smoothie?

TM: e Pineap­ple Salsa smoothie from my rst book,

e Blender Girl. It is loaded with nu­tri­ents and an­tiin am­ma­tory ammo, and takes you on a avor­ful jour­ney. It is sweet, sa­vory, and spicy all in one glass. ( Ed­i­tors’ note:

is recipe can be found at amaz­ing­well­ness­mag.com.)

AW: How of­ten do you drink smooth­ies?

TM: I drink a smoothie ev­ery day. I typ­i­cally start my day with two glasses of warm lemon wa­ter. en for break­fast, I have a di er­ent green smoothie. I ro­tate leafy greens, fruits, veg­eta­bles, nuts, seeds, su­per­foods, oils, and pro­tein pow­ders for nu­tri­ent va­ri­ety and taste­bud sat­is­fac­tion.

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