Causes of en­ergy short­ages are var­ied, from chronic stress to un­der­ly­ing health prob­lems.

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Ex­haus­tion, fa­tigue, “burnout,” or sim­ply feeling tired—all can be cat­e­go­rized un­der the gen­eral um­brella of a lack of en­ergy—and are com­mon com­plaints in our mod­ern so­ci­ety. Causes of these en­ergy short­ages are var­ied, from chronic stress to un­der­ly­ing health prob­lems such as au­toim­mune and adrenal is­sues. It’s no won­der co ee houses, where mil­lions get their daily ca eine x, can be found on al­most ev­ery city block in Amer­ica!

But quick xes like co ee are tem­po­rary. What can you do to truly in­crease your en­ergy lev­els in the long term?

“Pure En­ergy” on p. 38 has some an­swers. When you fuel your body with the nu­tri­ents it craves on a deep level, it will reward you with the en­ergy you need to live your busy life and truly thrive. Life­style habits also play a role, such as stress man­age­ment and ex­er­cise. Read about the top-rec­om­mended nu­tri­ents and easy-to-in­cor­po­rate tips in this fea­ture.

Of­ten, vi­ta­min de cien­cies con­trib­ute to fa­tigue. And vi­ta­min and min­eral de cien­cies are more com­mon than you might think, un­der­ly­ing many health con­di­tions. For ex­am­ple, peo­ple who su er from chronic fa­tigue syn­drome are com­monly de cient in vi­ta­min B12 and/or vi­ta­min D. On p. 52, read about warn­ing signs and symp­toms of seven com­mon vi­ta­min de cien­cies.

And check out “Drink Up!” on p. 82. ese in­cred­i­bly tasty su­per­food con­coc­tions, cre­ated by Tess Mas­ters, aka “e Blender Girl,” are not only loaded with heal­ing whole foods, but they’re also in­fused with sup­ple­ments that are guar­an­teed to give you an en­ergy boost that lasts.

If you’re read­ing this mag­a­zine, you most likely al­ready eat a healthy diet and live a healthy life­style. If you want to in­crease your stamina and take it to another level, this is­sue is lled with tips that are worth check­ing out!

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