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Milk is the bev­er­age most of­ten as­so­ci­ated with bone health (al­though not ev­ery­one tol­er­ates dairy), but it turns out that a cuppa tea is also good. A Chi­nese study, pub­lished in the jour­nal Nu­tri­tion Re­search, an­a­lyzed re­sults from 16 stud­ies with a to­tal of more than 138,000 peo­ple and found that tea in­creases bone min­eral den­sity, which helps re­duce risk for os­teo­poro­sis. Some, but not all, stud­ies also showed a re­duced in­ci­dence of frac­tures among tea drinkers. Ear­lier re­search has found that tea may re­duce risk of heart disease, cancer, and prob­lems with the im­mune sys­tem.

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