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In a study pub­lished in Breast Cancer: Ba­sic and Clin­i­cal Re­search, Cana­dian re­searchers tested an I-3-C sup­ple­ment against a placebo on 96 women. Each cap­sule con­tained lig­nans (ben­e­fi­cial fibers found in plant foods), herbs, and 200 mg of I-3-C. For 28 days, the women took one cap­sule of ei­ther a placebo or the sup­ple­ment, twice daily. Blood and urine tests, which mea­sured biomark­ers of cancer risk, showed that those tak­ing the I-3-C sup­ple­ments sig­nif­i­cantly re­duced their risk for breast and other es­tro­gen-re­lated can­cers.

Re­vers­ing Cer­vi­cal Le­sions

Hu­man stud­ies have fo­cused mainly on re­duc­ing cancer risk. Re­searchers at Louisiana State Uni­ver­sity Med­i­cal Cen­ter-Shreve­port tested I-3-C on 30 women di­ag­nosed with ab­nor­mal growths on the cervix. Such growths are known as cer­vi­cal in­traep­ithe­lial neo­pla­sia (CIN), a con­di­tion that can lead to cer­vi­cal cancer. In the study, pub­lished in Gyne­co­logic On­col­ogy, each woman took ei­ther a placebo, 200 mg of I-3-C, or 400 mg of I-3-C daily for 12 weeks. Biop­sies re­vealed com­plete re­gres­sion among four of eight women who took 200 mg of I-3-C and among four of nine women who took 400 mg. Other women who took the I-3-C sup­ple­ments saw their risk of devel­op­ing cancer re­duced; those in the placebo group saw no change.

By Vera Tweed

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