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Curry Spice Ex­tract Cur­cumin, the ac­tive in­gre­di­ent in turmeric, the yel­low spice used in curry, is known as an anti-in­flam­ma­tory for pain con­trol and preven­tion of age-re­lated in­flam­ma­tory diseases. And now, an Ital­ian study has found that it may also help re­verse bone loss. Re­searchers com­pared the ef­fects of a cur­cumin sup­ple­ment with no sup­ple­ment in a group of 57 peo­ple with os­teope­nia, the med­i­cal term for low bone den­sity. To mon­i­tor ef­fects, they tested bone in the heel, a fin­ger, and the up­per jaw, and found that daily cur­cumin sup­ple­ments in­creased bone den­sity in all three ar­eas af­ter 12 weeks, with­out any side ef­fects. The study, pub­lished in the

Euro­pean Re­view for Med­i­cal and Phar­ma­co­log­i­cal Sciences, used Meriva, a patented form of cur­cumin found in a va­ri­ety of sup­ple­ment brands.

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